About us

ChicagoOur law office is located in the centre of Prague. We provide legal advice to both, corporate and individual clients. We have acquired our proficiency due to long experience of working in foreign law offices.


Lenka Patenidiova has been working in a German law firm Gaedertz, Vieregge, Quack, Kreile. Later, she bacame a partner of e|n|w|c NATLACEN WALDERDORFF CANCOLA v.o.s. law firm.


We have been working primarily with German speaking clients; nonetheless, we provide legal advice in English, Russian and Greek. Due to our language skills, our clients are mostly from abroad. Nonetheless, we provide legal advice in Czech as well.


In order to insure complete legal service, we cooperate with other partners who take the responsibility for tax consulting, auditing company, notaries.


There is a tight cooperation between our company and a number of other companies located in Slovakia and Austria.


Our business lawyers aim to assist our clients in respect to our unravelled experience, righteousness and to our clients’ satisfaction. We find solutions to complex issues with maximum effort.


Our clients are mostly foreign corporations, operating in the Czech Republic, but also travel agencies, hotels, local developers and companies engaged in real estate. We provide complete legal service for these companies.